Washington Post

Why Boeing doesn't deserve a bailout

In a Fox TV interview that same day, President Donald Trump, who has praised Boeing lavishly on numerous occasions, said of the company, "(T)hey're going to pay interest and they're probably going to give stock in their company to the people of our country, to the taxpayers of our country, to the citizens of our country." Foto: AP Photo/Ted S. Warren, File

If you want an example of how keeping Wall Street happy can undermine your business, look at Boeing. And if you're also interested in seeing how already-well-paid corporate directors can get a raise while presiding over a horrendous mess that helped lead a company to need a federal bailout, you can look at how Boeing's directors gave themselves a $20,000 raise (to $366,000) last year from what they got in 2018.

And finally, if you want to see an act of utter cluelessness given what's going on in our country, look at how Boeing sent more than $1 billion of dividend checks to its shareholders three weeks ago, as the covid-19 crisis and corporate bailout requests were both metastasizing...

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