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Congress introduces new bill requiring cash refunds from airlines - regardless of who cancels the trip

The new bill would make the right to request a cash refund retroactive through March 1, so that travelers who had previously asked for and received a travel voucher can change it to a refund, provided that the voucher is unused. Foto: AP/Michael Probst

In response to the growing number of consumer complaints to the U.S. Transportation Department over flight refunds in light of the coronavirus pandemic, a group of Democratic senators have signed on to a bill that would require major airlines and third-party ticket sellers to offer full cash refunds for all canceled tickets - regardless of whether the airline canceled the overall flight or the passenger canceled their individual ticket.

The Cash Refunds for Coronavirus Cancellations Act would allow airlines to pay for the refunds using emergency money made available by Congress as long as the money designated for employee benefits and payroll by the Cares Act remains untouched...

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