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Latin America had time to prepare for the coronavirus. It couldn't stop the inevitable

Gravediggers wearing protective clothing carry the coffin of a victim of the novel coronavirus COVID-19 for its burial at the Recanto da Paz Municipal Cemetery in the city of Breves, southwest of Marajo Island, an island at the mouth of the Amazon River in the Brazilian state of Para, on May 30, 2020. Foto: Tarso Sarraf

RIO DE JANEIRO - For a time, early in the pandemic, when Latin America was mostly a spectator watching outbreaks in China, then Europe, then the United States, there was hope that when the coronavirus arrived here, things would be different. The climate was warmer. The people were younger. The governments had more time to study the mistakes made elsewhere, and to prepare.

Weeks later, more than a million people have been infected, tens of thousands are dead, and those hopes are gone...

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