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As the pandemic continues, it might be time to upgrade that temporary home office setup

Designer Young Huh suggests adding new lamps to add life to a space. These two lamps add a "cool, mid-century vibe to this otherwise basic desk." The room was painted in Benjamin Moore Century Veridian, and Huh added a vintage poster. Foto: Costas Picadas

The past few months of working from dining tables, couches and beds have taken their toll on novice telecommuters. With many of us settling in for the long haul - told to stay home until at least Labor Day or, like some Facebook and Twitter workers, permanently - the makeshift office hacks of the coronavirus shutdown are getting old. America's backs and necks are suffering.

Realizing this is not as "temporary" a situation as you thought, you might be ready to trade in your metal folding chair for an ergonomic model or treat yourself to a set of new candy-colored Sharpies. Maybe you want to make the spot where you spend your days (and maybe nights) more welcoming and videoconference-friendly. Maybe your employer is even offering a stipend for workers in need of home office improvements...

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