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Seeing isn't always believing: Google starts fact-checking images

Google's efforts are the first widespread initiative to try to fact-check images, said Nina Jankowicz, a disinformation specialist at the Wilson Center and author of the forthcoming book "How to Lose the Information War." Foto: Denis Charlet

SAN FRANCISCO - Photos aren't always quite what they seem, and Google is trying to make it easier for people to identify phony or manipulated pictures online.

Google said Monday it will start identifying some misleading photos in its specific search tool for images with a fact-check label, expanding that function beyond its standard non-image searches and videos, as misinformation is rampant online. The fact check label will appear on any image that is included in an article that fact checks a photo or another claim. A larger preview of the photo will show a short summary of the fact-check and direct users to its source...

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