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After protests, a Unilever skin cream popular in India will no longer promote a 'Fair & Lovely' look

Along with similar brands, Unilever's line has faced renewed scrutiny in recent weeks, amid a global reckoning with racial injustice, for promoting an image that white or lighter skin is more desirable than darker shades. Foto: Imaginechina via AP Images

"Fair & Lovely" skin-care creams have been a mainstay of beauty aisles in stores across India and elsewhere in Asia for years. Not anymore.

On Thursday, the company Unilever said it would stop promoting skin "whitening" or "lightening," and rebrand the skin-care line in response to critics who say the products promote harmful stereotypes around beauty and skin tone. But it won't go as far as some have demanded: ridding stores of the creams and their connotations, no matter what they are called...

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