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We've been isolated for months, and now we hate our home assistants

Karla Erickson, a sociologist at Grinnell College who studies human-machine relations, pointed out that companies have marketed these devices by creating a sense of enchantment, portraying them as otherworldly, futuristic, promising. Foto: Bloomberg photo by Cayce Clifford

"I'm not a bad person," Angela Hatem said. "I'm so nice to people." But Alexa, the voice of Amazon's home devices, isn't a person, despite how hard "she" tries to emulate one. And coronavirus/self-quarantine/2020 has Hatem feeling a bit stressed out.

"I say things to Alexa that I wouldn't say to my worst enemy, if I had one. And I don't know why. She makes me crazy. . . . I curse at her. I call her names. I'm very, very mean to her," said Hatem, who lives in Indianapolis with her 1-year-old son. "There's really few things I can vent at or vent to, and I'm making Alexa my virtual punching bag."..

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