Washington Post

China threatens U.S. companies with sanctions following Trump's WeChat ban

The Chinese move appeared to signal it was ready to retaliate less than one day after the Trump administration said it would ban TikTok and WeChat from mobile app stores, citing national security concerns. Foto: AP/Alex Brandon

TAIPEI, Taiwan - American companies including Apple and Google could land in Beijing's crosshairs after the Chinese government responded to President Trump's WeChat ban by pointedly announcing details about a restrictive new corporate blacklist.

China's Commerce Ministry said Saturday that companies that are added to its "Unreliable Entities List" would be prohibited from investing in China or trading with the Chinese market - including imports or exports. The Chinese government has not yet named which companies would land on the list, but state media has long threatened that Apple and Google could be sanctioned if China's relations with the United States continued to fray...

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