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Tesla's latest big unveil isn't a car or truck: It's the battery tech that could power its future

Batteries are one of the most complex ingredients to electric vehicles, thanks in large part to the resource-intensive process of manufacturing them. Foto: Reuters

SAN FRANCISCO - Tesla has focused on squeezing as much energy as possible out of its batteries, with industry-leading range figures that have bested its competitors by dozens of miles per charge. Now it has its sights set on a different goal: building batteries that cannot only beat rivals' range -- or how far their cars can travel on a single charge -- but far outlast the life span of a vehicle.

It's the latest innovation push by the Silicon Valley car builder that has aimed to rewrite the rules on electric vehicles, making them performance-oriented and aspirational in a way that has eluded competitors. But electric vehicles constitute a small slice of the overall car market, and to expand, Tesla will need to reign supreme over not only the manufacturing of vehicles but also their lifeblood: batteries. Elon Musk announced Tesla's plans for tackling that issue at a widely anticipated "Battery Day" event Tuesday...

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