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Four leaders share insights on how they're handling work during a pandemic

Jo Ann Jenkins is chief executive of AARP. Foto: The Washington Post by Andre Chung

Keeping a top workplace humming in a strong economy is one thing when employers can hand out raises, give cushy perks to their workers and make them happy with social outings and on-site beer taps. But managing a virtual workplace during three major crises - a recession, a pandemic and social unrest amid widespread protests over racial injustice - is a monumental, unprecedented leadership challenge.

Four business leaders in two conversations - at the beginning and end of the summer - discussed their careers and how they're leading their organizations through unparalleled uncertainty: what they've done to remain flexible, how they've talked to workers about race, and what changes they see lasting in a future that seems harder than ever to predict. They also shared what they've learned about leadership in these difficult times, with listening skills and empathy a common theme...

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