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Democrats, Republicans race to finish in Georgia as Trump casts shadow over Senate runoffs

President-elect Joe Biden visits Atlanta to show his support for the Democratic candidates for Senate. Foto: Washington Post/Demetrius Freeman

ATLANTA - Debate over President Donald Trump's own electoral grievances dominated the final day of campaigning for two U.S. Senate runoffs in Georgia on Monday, raising concerns among Republican strategists and local officials that his conspiracy theories would depress GOP turnout and jeopardize continued Senate control.

The Republican secretary of state's office on Monday held a news conference with a top election official to denounce Trump's false claims of election fraud over the weekend, urging Georgians to "please turn out and vote tomorrow." At an earlier event in Milner, Ga., Vice President Mike Pence was interrupted by someone who shouted a demand that Pence vote to overturn the presidential election results...

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