Washington Post

The need to reckon with Trump's lies

Foto: AFP/Mario Tama

For much of President Donald Trump's time in power, observers and journalists have struggled with how to characterize his lying. It's sometimes hard to tell whether when spouting falsehoods, he knowingly mauled the truth. News organizations fact-checked Trump, called out his misleading claims and exaggerations, and catalogued the many thousands of falsehoods he propagated while holding the highest office in the land. But Trump carried on, insulated by a right-wing echo chamber and impervious to criticism.

Lies - a mendacity both calculated and weaponized - were always at the heart of the Trump presidency. His political career was launched with a lie about the place of former president Barack Obama's birth, intended to delegitimize the country's first Black president. And it may now be drawing to an end with an evidently dangerous set of lies about the election he lost and the capacity of his hardcore supporters to overturn the result...

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