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Trump ban reflected 'a failure' to police online discourse, Twitter CEO says

Twitter banned Trump's account, which had 88 million followers, Friday after suspending him for 12 hours the day of the Capitol siege. Foto: Screendump fra Trumps Twitter-konto.

In a lengthy philosophical tweetstorm, Twitter chief executive Jack Dorsey said he took no pride in the decision to remove President Donald Trump's account from the service last week, describing the decision as a "failure" to ultimately create a service that could sustain civil discourse and healthy conversations.

Dorsey's statements - the first time the CEO spoke about the decision - arrived on the heels of an emotional week in which right-wing figures disavowed the power of Silicon Valley companies, while employees and the public had begged the company for more explanation of its actions in response to the violent Jan. 6 pro-Trump rally at the Capitol. At the same time, Twitter continued to suspend tens of thousands of problematic accounts...

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