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You asked: Is it safe to take a staycation during the surge?

Q: I live with roommates and made it a tradition to take brief staycations locally (usually by public transit) to get a weekend to myself and work on my writing. I've been waffling between whether or not it's safe and ethical to continue this tradition during this spike in cases and deaths. I think I can make it safe for myself, but I can't help but feel guilty seeing the circumstances.

If I do go, I plan to follow the recommended health protocols with mask use and social distancing. I don't plan on dining indoors at restaurants and will do what I usually do anyway: check in to a nice boutique hotel (this time I'm eyeing the Lorien in Alexandria, Va.), go straight to my room, get into my PJs, order room service, and have a little space to myself. - Kevin Kim, Washington, D.C...

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