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China's economy is growing faster now than before pandemic

A woman looks at Lunar New Year decorations on sale at Wong Tai Sin temple in Hong Kong on January 18, 2021, ahead of the Year of the Ox on February 12. Foto: AFP/Peter Parks

TAIPEI, Taiwan - A year ago, the coronavirus began spreading rapidly in China. Today, China's economy is bouncing back hard, and expanding faster than it did before the pandemic.

Economic data published Monday showed that China logged 2.3% growth for 2020, becoming the only major economy that grew during a year that exacted a generational toll on swaths of the world. As other major nations and geopolitical competitors, from the United States to Europe to India to Japan, struggle to beat back a winter wave, China's containment success has buoyed its economy and the ruling Communist Party's claims to global leadership in the post-pandemic world...

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