Washington Post

Co-working companies are trying to tap into customers experiencing work-from-home fatigue

Chris Hoyt, 34, founder and COO of co-working business The Pioneer Collective and his wife Audrey Hoyt, 33, pose together in a new co-working space in Seattle's Pike Place Market neighborhood. Foto: The Washington Post/Stuart Isett

SEATTLE - Around the corner from the historic Pike Place Market's idle fishmongers, Chris Hoyt was overseeing a construction crew taping and muddling drywall on the ground level of a century-old red-brick building that would soon take the form of small private offices and meeting rooms.

The site is slated to be a new location for Hoyt's co-working business, the Pioneer Collective, and the center of his bet that pandemic-weary workers will need a refuge after spending nearly a year in makeshift home offices...

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