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You're not paranoid to cover your webcam. But the cameras you can't cover are scarier.

John Goncalves is a bit of a maverick. Unlike most everyone he knows, he doesn't cover the tiny webcam at the top of his laptop screen with a plastic slider or piece of tape.

Foto: Sebastian Gollnow/picture-alliance/dpa/AP Images

"Everybody tells you, 'Cover your webcam - people could be watching you.' But I'm thinking to myself, like, why would somebody want to watch me?" said Goncalves, a 19-year-old student on a gap year in Toronto.

Anyone peeking in on his life would be really bored, he said. Why should he care if someone far away watches him do homework or send emails? But when he needs to change his outfit or have a private conversation, he flips the screen closed - just in case...

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