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These homes are off-grid and climate resilient. They're also built out of trash.

The exterior of an Earthship in Taos, N.M, on December 8, 2021. Foto: Photo for The Washington Post by Ramsay de Give

TAOS, N.M. - Mike Reynolds never worried too much as the world inched closer to doomsday. In the spring of 2020, motorists lined up in their cars outside grocery stores waiting for food as the coronavirus pandemic first wrapped its tentacles around the global supply chain. Next came an unprecedented surge of extreme weather as wildfires devastated the American West, hurricanes lashed tropical coastlines and a deadly winter storm brought the Texas power grid to its knees.

"I was watching that on TV and then walking down the hallway of my building, picking bananas and spinach and kale and tomatoes and eating them. Barefoot, because my building was warm without fuel," Reynolds said. "My Earthship took care of me."..

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