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More enslaved Africans came to the Americas through this port than anywhere else. Why have so few heard of it?

Two tourists walk along the Valongo Wharf in Rio de Janeiro. The site has been considered the most important physical trace of the arrival of enslaved Africans to the Americas. Foto: Washington Post photo by Terrence McCoy

RIO DE JANEIRO - When tour guide Pedro Andres arrived at the site historians call the most important physical evidence of the arrival of enslaved Africans to the Americas, the scene he found was familiar. The Valongo Wharf was empty.

Addressing a family of Paraguayan tourists, Andres described its historic significance. At the height of the transatlantic slave trade, nearly 1 million enslaved Africans arrived on its cobbled stones, likely more than anywhere else in the world, and twice as many as were trafficked to all of the United States. UNESCO has called the wharf, discovered in 2011 during an urban renovation project, a "unique and exceptional" place that "carries enormous historical as well as spiritual importance to African Americans."..

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