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Think you can't handle a bicycle tour? Consider using an e-bike.

Getting to know your way around a new town can be challenging, whether you're traveling or relocating. In either case, I've always been a proponent of doing so via running or cycling, thanks to the unique vantage point the activities offer. When I temporarily relocated to the Boulder, Colo., area late last summer from the sea-level Mid-Atlantic region, I decided to apply my approach with a city bike tour. This one came with a twist, however: We took to the town on electric bikes.

I'm pretty fit, so I'll admit that part of me looked down my nose at this option. But it turns out that e-bikes are a fun way to go. Their popularity as a bike category exploded last year, with sales growing 240 percent in the 12 months ending July 2021 and revenue reaching $741 million as of October, according to the NPD Group. It's no wonder, then, that bike-touring companies are adding them to their fleets. The big and long-established outfitter Backroads, for instance, is predicting that, in 2022, more than 30 percent of its clients will opt for e-bikes. You can find e-bike tours in places as varied as Berlin, the Netherlands, Hawaii and Napa, Calif...

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