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Why State Street put a statue of a defiant girl in front of Wall Street's 'Charging Bull'

State Street Global Advisors and its advertising agency, McCann New York, have put a statue of a defiant girl across from Wall Street's Charging Bull to draw attention to its efforts to push more companies to put women on boards. Photo: Federica Valabrega.

Wall Street visitors and tourists will notice a new addition if they're walking down Broadway in New York this week. About 20 feet across from the famous Charging Bull statue - a symbol of Wall Street's strength and might that has loomed over the street since 1989 - a bronze statue of a girl stands facing it, hands on hip, a defiant expression carved into her face.

The temporary statue, placed overnight Monday by McCann New York advertising agency and its client, Boston-based State Street Global Advisors, may be a stunt to draw attention to the index fund giant's campaign to get more women into board roles against the backdrop of International Women's Day and the anniversary of the launch of an exchange-traded fund that tracks companies that have higher levels of gender diversity in its leadership. It has a permit for the statue to remain for a week - the firm is trying to extend it to a month, according to a firm spokesman - and a plaque in front of the girl says "SHE makes a difference," a reference to the ticker for the exchange-traded fund...

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