Washington Post

In a world polarized by Trump, FedEx Field becomes unlikely oasis

Redskins players during the national anthem Sunday night at FedEx Field in Landover, Md. Washington Post photo by John McDonnell

Football fans availed themselves of all manner of speech Sunday night at FedEx Field. They spoke about their friends in other cities (yes, there was a "Dallas Sucks" jersey) and about their opponent this week ("Kerrigan is gonna send Lynch to #Hail" read one banner). Cheering is speech, in a way, and so is booing: Fans booed the Raiders, and they booed the officials, and yes, many booed the Oakland players for sitting and kneeling during the national anthem.

But after the anthem, those fans who filled FedEx Field didn't leave. The guy in the Raiders jersey shaking his head and saying he was pissed at his favorite team didn't walk out. Neither did 31-year-old Chris Jones, wearing his "Impeach Trump" t-shirt. Mary-Alice Shiflette, a 54-year-old Redskins fan from Fairfax, Virginia, said she felt "a twinge of guilt" as she drove to the stadium, because she doesn't support this current wave of athlete protests, but she was there, too. Why?..

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