Minks to get covid jabs in Finland after Danes culled millions

Keen to avoid the total annihilation of farmed minks as seen in Denmark during the pandemic, the Finnish fur industry is organizing an inoculation program for the animals.

In Finland, farms operate under strict lockdowns and close surveillance. No infections have so far been confirmed in the country's minks throughout the pandemic. Foto: Finn Frandsen

The Nordic nation has about half a million doses of a domestically developed vaccine ready to be deployed this winter, enough to protect the entire population of breeding minks from Covid-19. It's the first such program in the European Union.

Minks are known to be particularly susceptible to the virus. Denmark last year culled 17 million furry animals after concerns emerged that a mutated form of the virus was spreading through its farms, and there's evidence from the Netherlands the virus can jump between humans and mink...

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