Economic challenges piling up for the Biden administration

WASHINGTON - Rising prices, product shortages and labor market tumult are making for a surprisingly rocky economic recovery, testing the political skills of the Biden White House little more than one year before the midterm congressional elections.

The president has few obvious levers to pull that would trigger quick improvement. Supply chain snafus, for example, involve private sector shipping lines, terminal operators, trucking companies, railroads and warehouse owners that operate according to market dictates not government commands. Foto: Washington Post photo by Demetrius Freeman.

Administration officials are confronting an unfamiliar economic landscape of strong growth and rising wages, even as the highest inflation in 13 years and persistent problems moving goods from overseas factories to American doorsteps spark public unease. The latest monthly employment report, which showed the smallest job growth since January, also rattled Democrats' nerves.

More than 18 months into the pandemic, thorny economic challenges that directly touch voters represent political peril for a president with sagging public approval ratings...

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