Wild weather sparks ship backlog from Shenzhen to Singapore

A tropical storm lashing southern China mixed with Covid-related supply chain snarls is causing a ship backlog from Shenzhen to Singapore, intensifying fears retail shelves may look rather empty come Christmas.

Foto: Walter Michot Foto: Walter Michot/AP

Shipping data compiled by Bloomberg show there are currently 67 container ships anchored off Hong Kong and Shenzhen, around 22% more congested than median daily counts from April through Oct. 14. Typhoon Kompasu caused schools to close in Hong Kong and canceled stock market trading in the financial hub on Wednesday.

It's sparked a domino effect with 37 ships now waiting off Singapore, 18% more congested than normal. Singapore is regarded as one of the most efficient ports in the world and is a key hub for containers to be moved from one vessel to another while in transit. So any disruption in the city-state is bound to have far-reaching ramifications...

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