Trump's new social network could fit an old business model: Lending his name to make low-risk profits

Former president Donald Trump is pitching his new social network as a mold-breaking "media powerhouse" set to challenge Big Tech, but the venture could also echo an old Trump strategy - lending his name and reputation to other people's businesses, producing revenue for Trump with little work or overhead.

Trump has ventured into new industries in the past, including airlines, education, and casinos, and struggled. If Trump's role in the new venture is bigger than simply lending his name, O'Brien said, he may find the tech sector equally complex: "When push comes to shove, he's going to have to prove that he can actually manage a media company." Foto: Washington Post/Jabin Botsford

At a time when the Trump Organization is facing unprecedented challenges - including mounting losses at some businesses and an indictment of its chief financial officer - the social media venture could allow Trump a way to enter the tech sector without much risk.

"Avoiding being responsible, in any ultimate sense, is a constant in his strategy," said Michael D'Antonio, who has written biographies of Trump. D'Antonio said he saw the new social-media venture as an extension of that strategy: "If you think of him always looking for ways to try businesses without being truly responsible - combined with his sense that he can do anything - then this is kind of natural."..

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