Hasbro reboots Transformers for Gen X dads and their daughters

Visitors take pictures with the Bumblebee Autobot character from the Transformers movies at the Universal Studios Hollywood theme park in Hollywood on Aug. 15, 2013. Foto: Bloomberg photo by Patrick Fallon.

"Bumblebee"-the sixth Transformers movie in 11 years-has been described by Hasbro Inc. executives as setting a new tone, one that will reinvigorate its fan base with a heartfelt story that's "our most all-family, all-audience, dual-gender film ever."

In a first for the franchise, a woman, Christina Hodson, wrote the screenplay for the movie, which hits U.S. theaters on Friday. It also boasts the first female lead for the series, 22-year-old Hailee Steinfeld. Director Travis Knight made a name for himself in stop-motion animated kids films, such as the critically acclaimed "Coraline." As for Bumblebee, a black and yellow robot, he transforms into a Volkswagen Beetle, a cuddlier disguise than the brawny Chevy Camaro he inhabited in the previous five films...

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