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'Hustlin' is out. Doing 'the right thing' is in. Uber has rewritten its notorious list of core values.

Foto: AP Photo/Paul Sakuma

Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi has made some big moves since replacing brash founder Travis Kalanick at the ride-hailing firm in August. He apologized in an open letter "for the mistakes we've made" after authorities in London withdrew Uber's license and hopped the pond to meet with them. He's been in talks with SoftBank about an ownership stake, according to reports. He's hired a chief legal officer from PepsiCo with a Department of Justice background to help the company navigate a maze of legal and policy issues, including a trade secrets lawsuit and discrimination complaints.

But a seemingly small move Khosrowshahi made Tuesday could have a big impact. In a LinkedIn post, the new CEO publicly shared Uber's new cultural "norms," spelling out a list of the mantras and guidelines he hopes will drive the company as it tries to move beyond the months of controversy, leadership turnover and legal questions. It's clear, Khosrowshahi wrote, that "the culture and approach that got Uber where it is today is not what will get us to the next level. As we move away from an era of growth at all costs to one of responsible growth, our culture needs to evolve."..

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