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Covid pushed millions worldwide from the middle class to poverty. One man is trying to work his way back

Emmanuel Mendoza Gomez, 7, looks out at the street through the window of his house on May 23, 2021, in Puerto Rey, Colombia. Foto: Fernanda Pineda for the Washington Post

CARTAGENA, Colombia - Marlon Mendoza, Certified Cartagena Tour Guide, stopped in the shade of a Spanish-colonial balcony and scanned the old slave market for prospects.

"#Localcartagenatours. Nobody Does It Better Than the Locals," the T-shirt on his back promised, although there were hardly any tourists left to look. Hundreds of miles away, American beach towns, chock-full of vaccines, were back in business. But here, the pandemic was only getting worse, evaporating the seas of sightseers in the bougainvillea-lined streets of Old Town...

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