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Showtime hit with lawsuit over Mayweather-McGregor streaming problems

Foto: (AP Foto/Eric Jamison)

After defeating Conor McGregor in a much-hyped showdown that was more entertaining than many expected, Floyd Mayweather said of boxing fans, "I owe them for the [Manny] Pacquiao fight." Meanwhile, the network behind the pay-per-view of the event, Showtime, may find itself owing thousands of unhappy customers after being hit with a class action lawsuit Monday.

The suit was filed by attorneys Michael Fuller and Mark Geragos in a U.S. District Court in Portland, Oregon, on behalf of an Oregon man and what it described as potentially thousands of other residents of the state. The man, Zack Bartel, is alleging that he paid the $99.99 fee to stream the fight in high-definition from a Showtime app, only to suffer through an unstable feed with poor resolution and numerous freezes...

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