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Nike's campaign is calculated, but that doesn't make it wrong

Colin Kaepernick. Foto: Denis Poroy/AP

Nike's decision to enlist Colin Kaepernick as one of its spokesmen for the 30th anniversary of its iconic "Just Do It" ad campaign doesn't have to be brave to be right. This is a $36 billion company, so before we go handing out humanitarian awards, understand that the inclusion of an unemployed NFL quarterback - exiled by a billionaires' club and reviled by some who live paycheck to paycheck - was studied, and studied hard. But at least Nike did what the NFL hasn't been able to: It chose a side. That it happened to be correct is all the better.

Sure, Nike's stock dropped more than 3 percent Tuesday, and pictures of people burning shoes dotted social media. But don't tell me that caught Phil Knight with his retro Jordans untied. A company with Nike's marketing savvy surely weighed the potential backlash with what it might gain and made a decision to enlist Kaepernick. A bold decision? Eh. A business one? For sure...

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