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The Americanization of Europe's beloved game reaches a tipping point

Manchester United og Tottenham er to af de klubber, der har brudt fællesskabet og vil skabe deres egen liga. Billedet er fra en kamp imellem de to hold fra april i år. Foto: REUTERS/Adrian Dennis

To understand the seismic importance of the proposed European Super League, let’s first think about the United States.

In a country that prides itself as the cradle of modern capitalism, there’s been at least one realm where a form of socialism holds sway: Professional sports. The top American leagues all operate with what could be described as ”socialism for the rich”: The owners of franchises work in a closed shop, where no matter a team’s sporting success, a steady stream of profit is effectively guaranteed by shared television deals and other mechanisms, including salary caps and penalties on over-spending...

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